Tom Gaumer
Which story did Ike tell to Frank and Billy?
Mon Aug 08, 2022 14:25

Ike is said to have considered at least two stories to tell his brother and friend when they came to Tombstone around noon on Oct.26th and presumably asked about the bandage on Ike's head.

The first was this. "I was walking through the streets earlier today and I passed some children walking around singing church songs. I fell in behind them and sang along with them. Virgil Earp came up behind me and hit me over my head with his gun, marched me off to court where I got a $20 fine for singing off tune

Advantages: He maintains his claim to virtue and his role as an oppressed victim. He is taken down while singing rather than as a wandering crazy and or fearless hero seeking a fight with 4 men!!!

Second was this. While walking around Ike was carrying a rifle and a revolver and making threats. Virgil hit me with his revolver from behind without warning, saving me from a gunfight then and there and warning me about carrying guns in town.

Obviously Ike went with number one as number two would have served to warn his brother and friend to not carry their guns while walking around in town and maybe saved their lives.

Oh Yah

    • Darts anyone?Eddie Lanham, Tue Aug 09 2022 4:43
      Tom, that is a hard one. Think I will rely on the decision of my trusty dart board. If I throw a bull's eye, number one. If I hit outside the eye or even outside the board...number 2. Ike deserves a equal... more
      • How did it go? (nm)Tom Gaumer, Thu Aug 18 2022 2:54
        • IkeEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 18 2022 4:24
          Poor Ike.
          • Ike means well, he is just misunderstood. (nm)B.J., Sat Aug 20 2022 6:59
            • BJ/ how come...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 20 2022 12:38
     are suddenly so understanding?
              • Re: BJ/ how come...B.J., Wed Aug 31 2022 5:09
                Working for 50+ years with axis two personality disorders patients in a behavioral health inpatient setting has not only taught me how to identify axis two diagnosis patients, but also has taught me to... more
                • OH! (nm)Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 31 2022 7:46
                  • Re: OH!B.J., Wed Aug 31 2022 7:59
                    This is my perspective of Ike Clanton feeling “misunderstood” Ike really didn’t mean any harm walking around the streets of Tombstone healed with a long gun and a six shooter and publicly announcing... more