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Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....
Wed Aug 03, 8:57

...Frank Vaughn is an interesting man, apparently. His record as an Arizona pioneer at a time when everyday life became an opportunity for greater things for almost everyone who wanted to progress is a good read. He is by no means outstanding as these opportunities, as I see it, were open to anyone as it was a time of great openings.

...He landed in Arizona in 1877, as did so many others. he was a schoolteacher, stockman, railroader, and a guide during several Apache campaigns. Active in politics, he helped draft a Democratic platform in 1910. In Bisbee he was a leading construction contractor and was on the board of several mining companies. When statehood arrived, he was appointed Secretary of the first Speaker of the State Assembly.

I may sound like I am labouring the point, but my intent is to show that he and his associates who testified about the Benson stage attempt were men of some integrity and it did not make sense to write off their statements without further follow-up and serious investigation. As I said before, circumstantial evidence has merit if it is supported, and it was by several others.

Vaughn's interview can be found in the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, Arizona. The interviewer was Mrs. Geo. F. Kitt.

Vaughn also referred to a 'trial' (possibly meaning an informal Hearing) in which he claimed The McLaurys, Slaughter, Ike Clanton, all testified that they had seen Doc riding away from the Benson stage site on the Dunbar horse as everyone knew that horse.

Unfortunately, I can find no record of this particular 'Hearing' or examination he refers to but someone has it somewhere in a private collection, I suppose. Perhaps John Rose, as he is a superb collector.

Nevertheless, nothing in this man's character suggests he is a story-telling gossiper. He knew most of the people he refers to and spoke well of them.

Hope this is interesting. There are so many things that seem to be washed over because they don't fit the popular narrative.

  • Where did Vaughn's accounts appear and when?
    • Bob/ Vaughn's accounts..... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Aug 03 8:57
      • Re: Bob/ Vaughn's accounts.....Bob Cash, Fri Aug 05 12:33
        I find nothing in my research of Frank Vaughn to suggest he was anything but an upstanding citizen. However, as I pointed out in a previous post, many "eyewitnesses" of Tombstone events apparently related... more
        • Not only Vaughn...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 06 4:30
          Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip "...not even a suspicion..." It appears that even with substantial... more
          • Re: Not only Vaughn...Bob Cash, Fri Aug 12 15:28
            "Integrity is crucial in an investigation, as you say, but my concern from the beginning is why did the DA write it all off with a flip '...not even a suspicion...' It appears that even with substantial... more
            • Bob, darned if we aren't going to...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Aug 16 13:42
              ...disagree again! I hope I am not being terribly obstinate, but my sense of fair play does extend to the cowboys a little more than those sleazy Earps. You might find I have little respect for the... more
              • Re: Bob, darned if we aren't going to...Bob Cash, Sat Aug 20 15:09
                First of all, Joyce, I am 72, so I am not and hve not accused anybody of dementia. I am saying that 40 or 50 years after an event memories can get hazy and they can become ultra-sharp, even remembering... more
                • Well, shucks!...Joyce A. Aros, Sat Aug 20 16:50
         put up a good argument and I didn't mean to suggest you accused anyone of dementia; just that youngsters often view us as on the verge. I can't argue with you on this particular presentation; I... more
                  • Shucks...sharon Cunningham, Tue Aug 23 7:32
                    Just give yourself 8 more years and you'll be defensive!!