Roy B Young
Thank you
Mon Aug 01, 8:53

Gail, thanks for the e-mails. I love talking about ole Newton. The two brothers tried to get together that last year of their lives. Wyatt even sent a newspaper reporter to interview Newton shortly before his death. So much great stuff.

Newton didn't have an OK Corral, a Doc Holliday, or a Vendetta ride, as did Wyatt. He was just the typical lawman of an old west town who had the regular ups and downs of the job. Yes, the stories of his service in the Civil War and on down to his years as a widower are full of interesting accounts, so I think he is very deserving of a book.

  • NewtonGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 8:13
    Roy, Thank you for that quick bit of info on Newton. I'm looking forward to learning more once your book arrives. I took the "lots of kids" from the family photo with wife and kids. Looked like a lot... more
    • Thank you — Roy B Young, Mon Aug 01 8:53
      • The thanks are yoursGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 9:48
        Roy. So looking foward to the Newton book. I love the stories about the whole family, even the "quiet" times, which IMO tell far more about them than the shoot em ups. Thanks again, Gail