Roy B Young
Mon Aug 01, 7:08

Actually, Gail, Newton didn't have "lots" of kids. Four lived to adulthood: Effie May and Alice May, were the two girls and Wyatt Clyde and Virgil Edwin were the two boys. Each of these are covered in the new book.

Newton, as you stated, was the eldest brother, born to Nick and his first wife. He had the longest lawman career in any one location - ten years - than any of his lawman brothers, this being in Garden City and Finney County, Kansas.

He preceeded Wyatt in death by only a few weeks, the last of the Earp brothers.

I was fortunte to be given access to private Earp family collections of letters, documents, pictures and more. Newton was a fascinating study.

  • Newton EarpGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 6:16
    Jane, Just an FYI before you get Roy's book. Newton was actually the oldest of Nicholas P. Earp's children. Nick was married 1st to Abigail Storm. Newton was their 1st child. They had another child... more
    • Newton EarpAzGal, Mon Aug 01 12:56
      Hi Gail, Thank you so much for telling me all of that information about Newton Earp...I don’t have much knowledge of the Earps, and I’m out in Phoenix, so for years I made plans to do research and never... more
      • EarpsGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 13:21
        Hi Jane, I'm here in NY so you have a much better chance of research than I do. I suggest you check out the U of Az in both Phoenix, and Tucson, also AHS in Tucson. The Tombstone court house is supposed... more
    • Newton — Roy B Young, Mon Aug 01 7:08
      • NewtonGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 8:13
        Roy, Thank you for that quick bit of info on Newton. I'm looking forward to learning more once your book arrives. I took the "lots of kids" from the family photo with wife and kids. Looked like a lot... more
        • Thank youRoy B Young, Mon Aug 01 8:53
          Gail, thanks for the e-mails. I love talking about ole Newton. The two brothers tried to get together that last year of their lives. Wyatt even sent a newspaper reporter to interview Newton shortly... more
          • The thanks are yoursGail Allan, Mon Aug 01 9:48
            Roy. So looking foward to the Newton book. I love the stories about the whole family, even the "quiet" times, which IMO tell far more about them than the shoot em ups. Thanks again, Gail