Joyce A. Aros
Thu Nov 18, 2021 4:48

Thank you, Sarah, for your supporting comments and observations. I do love Tombstone; have lived here 19 years in the house lived in by Judge Moses first and then the Lutleys. Mrs. Lutley lived here till the 1930's when she passed on. My elderly neighbour who has also passed on many years ago knew Mrs. Lutley well and would describe the lovely garden she kept and how she enjoyed her dog, a Scotch Collie.

Just a close overlap of time. Like my husband's father and oldest brothers who rode across the border before there were passports. My father-in-law and the oldest boys were right out of the 1880's, tough Vaqueros who knew nothing but endless hours of work and an occasional Bull Durham treat! Because I lived that life for too short a time, I always felt I had a much better understanding of the cowboy nonsense I always read about.

Which explains why I became so opinionated!

With pleasure,

  • TombstoneSarah Stegall, Thu Nov 18 2021 0:46
    "...I shouldn't be shooting off my mouth in such a negative way." Well, coming from the point of view of an outsider/tourist who hasn't seen the place since 15 years ago--yeah. I can definitely see... more
    • Sarah/Tombstone... — Joyce A. Aros, Thu Nov 18 2021 4:48