Anyone going to see The Power of the Dog this weekend?
Wed Nov 17, 2021 12:36

Jerry Prather? Hear good things about this one. I am not that familiar with Campion's work, but Cumberbatch is apparently superb, per usual, as is Dunst, also per usual.

Anyone who sees it, mind posting your review? I don't do big-screen flicks much anymore, but there are exceptions. Wondering if this might be one, but hesitant to go to the trouble and expense, especially in these our darker, pandemic days.

Apparently the film is an adaption of "western" writer Thomas Savage's novel of the same title. To my chagrin and shame, I am not familiar with his work either. (Terrific name for a writer, though.) Perhaps someone here is. I do know that it is much admired by E. Annie Proulx, whose work I know and find inconsistent, if effectively serious.

In any case, thanks in advance. Inquiring minds and all that.

    • The PianoPeter Brand, Sat Nov 20 2021 14:32
      Campion is famous down here for The Piano. Check it out. Brilliant. Pb
      • Angel at My TableDan Brown, Wed Nov 24 2021 19:33
        Jane Campion made an interesting movie about a writer. Janet Frame. I never saw Piano, but it's never too late. It has an excellent cast, Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel.
    • Can't wait to see thisSarah Stegall, Sat Nov 20 2021 14:01
      I like Jane Campion's work; she was nominated for a Best Director Oscar for "The Piano", many years ago. She's the first female director to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes. She also directed "Bright Star",... more