Joyce A. Aros
eats in town....
Wed Nov 10, 2021 16:29

Hello Stranger!

Frankly, I almost never go 'in town' anymore as I am so disgusted with the way it is going downhill as far as maintaining the history goes. Nellie Cashman's is being converted into a B & B by Mr. Goldstein. Toughnut is full of trailer homes and motorcycles, ect.

There is a store on Allen selling predominately political stuff and I don't know what else is down there as I just don't go anymore. Kitty-corner from the Courthouse the owner has been allowed to install a huge modern storage shed in the front yard.

The Pete Spence house has turned into a permanent yard-sale skid row kind of thing and across the street on the curve that building sells gaudy metal yard decorations! We have a huge new Circle K that belongs in Chicago!

I could go on but I am getting to be a whiner the more I think of it.

It's nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well despite my complaining. Just one of those days, I guess.

Oh, and for the fun-loving tourists we have a Zipline. No Roller Coaster or Ferris wheel yet but I am sure their brains are buzzing.

Best regards,

  • Re: Eating in Tombstone?Bob Cash, Wed Nov 10 2021 12:30
    Joyce, every time I come to Tombstone the restaurant in Nellie Cashman's boarding house building has changed management and menus. How's the one in that space, now?
    • eats in town.... — Joyce A. Aros, Wed Nov 10 2021 16:29
      • Re: eats in town....Bob Cash, Mon Nov 15 2021 19:07
        Great to hear from you, but not about the decline of the historic district. Hope to make it out there this spring... if the covid don't rise. I'm pretty sure at some point I promised you a meal when I... more
        • Hi again...Joyce A. Aros, Tue Nov 16 2021 4:11
          Bob, it is very nice to hear from you. Thank you for kind words and an invitation to lunch. I shall have to scout out the possibilities with a little more consideration, perhaps less scrutiny. Covid... more
          • New book from Joyce?Sarah Stegall, Thu Nov 18 2021 0:49
            Hey, Joyce. I haven't been on the boards until recently, so I missed any announcement about an upcoming book. Sorry to hear that the publication is delayed; there's a lot of that going around, alas. I'll... more
            • new book?Joyce A. Aros, Thu Nov 18 2021 3:33
              Hello there, Sarah I think life's concerns out there have kept us all involved elsewhere with all that is going on in this mixed-up world. My book is being delayed a little but can't be helped as... more
          • Hate to hear about the delay in publishingsharon Cunningham, Wed Nov 17 2021 6:50
            Joyce, I hate to hear about another delay, but understand about the small, local publisher... having been there, done that for many years. Sometimes things just happen... Have you queried the publisher... more
            • Hey there, Cunningham...Joyce A. Aros, Thu Nov 18 2021 4:55
              How wonderful to hear from you once again! Thank you for a very nice suggestion. I had not even considered it but it might be helpful. Will talk to my folks. Thank you again. I do hope you are doing... more