Wayne Sanderson
Re: Re: Another Contemporary Account Of John Ringo's Death
Thu Nov 04, 21:19

The only mention I've seen from AZ about any romantic connections to Ringo was the alleged dalliance with Big Nose Kate. Perhaps the talk about town on those two was conflated into an alleged marriage that never was. The papers of the time were constantly digging for more exciting material and were not shy about inventing supporting "facts", all the way up to entire stories made out of whole cloth. The papers in the American West in the 19th Century were far from completely accurate or utterly reliable.

    • More on Ringo from the Tombstone IndependentMike Mihaljevich, Mon Oct 25 20:30
      The Tombstone Independent struck again days later (as printed in the Jul 29, 1882 Tucson Citizen) "A son of Mr. B.F. Smith found John Ringo's horse on Tuesday last, about two miles from where the d... more
    • Most interesting is no mention of pistol caught in watch chain, much stronger report of suicidal utterances on Ringo's part, and mention of the loss of what is described of "considerable means". Also,... more
      • It seems to me that this reporter dug a little further to get some details about his death and his background. This is the only contemporary reference to Ringo reportedly having a wife that I can rec... more
        • Great bit of historyRoy B Young, Thu Nov 04 13:24
          Thanks, Steve. Nice to have this piece from the KC Times. I know there is currently a work in progress, by a credible Georgia author who is claiming to have new evidence of who "killed" John Ringo. ... more
          • Re: Great bit of historySteve Gatto, Fri Nov 05 11:18
            Hi Roy, I guess we'll see what he has to support his conclusion that someone killed John Ringo. Personally, I believe that the evidence that Ringo killed himself continues to get stronger. I'... more
            • Re: Re: Great bit of historyBob Cash, Wed Nov 10 21:48
              Steve, if you don't have this already, you may find it interesting. Fort Worth Record, PAGE 37, Sunday, April 13, 1913, by Taylor Thompson. It's available on Newspapers.com. I will try to summarize it... more
              • Re: Re: Re: Great bit of historySteve Gatto, Thu Nov 11 14:35
                Bob, Yes, I've seen this article. I pretty much search Newspapers.com on a weekly or even daily basis.
        • Great work, SteveCasey Tefertiller, Tue Oct 26 7:18
          This is a terrific find, Steve. I have never seen a reference to a wife, either.
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