Peter Brand
I would not take anything in that book to the bank.
Mon Nov 01, 15:43

The first 2 chapters of that book as so lacking in depth of analysis and research into what was claimed by Sadie and what actually happened, it makes me wonder about the rest of it too. The footnotes and sources are so poor, that pages and pages go by without a single footnote. In fact, when I look for sources in the footnotes, I often found none, or just more discussion or secondary pieces.
The author's report of the March 1881 Benson stage robbery is one of the worst I have seen; she has the stage going in the wrong direction; money stolen during the "hold-up" and Wyatt as a Pima County Deputy Sheriff, even though he had quit that job in November, 1880.
Disappointing is an understatement.

    • another year? — bfrey, Mon Nov 01 8:40
      Was reading "lady at the ok corral" and it made mention that he did this interview just before he died? I will have to check the book further? Maybe its cited where the interview is? Thanks
      • I would not take anything in that book to the bank. — Peter Brand, Mon Nov 01 15:43
        • ok thanks — bfrey, Tue Nov 02 9:04
          With all that the date could be wrong and or misplaced. thanks
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