Roy B Young
Great Stuff, Mike
Mon Oct 04, 8:11

Another great video, with a great historian telling the story. Knowing the truth about Texas Jack, with Peter's ground-breaking research, has put a new light on an old topic. Good work!

  • Peter Brand - Texas Jack VermillionMike Mayberry, Sun Oct 03 11:38
    Just finished and loaded my newest podcast with Peter Brand. This is the last part of the Texas Jack Vermillion story. Be sure to listen to Parts 1 & 2. This podcast is Part 3. Tap on the link to list... more
    • Great Stuff, Mike — Roy B Young, Mon Oct 04 8:11
      • Texas Jack and Peter BrandMike Mayberry, Mon Oct 04 8:17
        Thank you Roy for the kindness. Peter tells a wonderful story and it’s well researched. The truth is always better than fiction.
        • Agree!Roy B Young, Mon Oct 04 8:23
          You are right, Mike, and that's why I always prefer historically documented stories on the Wild West. Thanks for using BJs for posting your information. This has been the "go-to" site for Tombston... more
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