Tom Moy
Tue Sep 14, 19:22

Choosing to not vaccinate is another word for suicide. Over a thousand die every day. It would take 22 plus years for all the unvaccinated to die for the U.S. to reach herd immunity. In 2020 a young person on tv said he did not believe in Covid as he knew no one who died from it. What does he have to say today?

    • The decision to remain unvaccinated..... — B.J., Sun Aug 08 15:46
      ... is a self correcting mechanism for ignorance.
      • Unvaccinated — Tom Moy, Tue Sep 14 19:22
        • Re: Unvaccinated — B.J., Wed Sep 15 22:38
          Choosing to not vaccinate is also another word for homicide. Really disgusting that parents refusing to wear a mask in public and refusing to be vaccinated go out in public and then come home and ... more
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