Sharon Cunningham
Wed Sep 08, 7:31

It's everywhere, B.J. Our local hospital is full; have a Friend who lives in Gallatin, TN, north of Nashville, who's on his local hospital board; says ALL hospitals from Nashville to Cincinnati are full! And, here, the virus is hitting middle-aged folks-- 40s-60s, who haven't been vaccinated.

The local newspaper has a full page of obits ever pub. date. My soon-to-be-daughter-in-law, in her early 40s - who's an RN, has Covid, and has given it to her two kids! Not vaccinated, of course. Hopefully, they will fight off the virus. My older son and his wife, in South Carolina, have both had it and have the antibodies, but how long will THAT last?

I had Moderna [made the nurse show me the vial; made in Massachusetts, NOT out of the U.S.] last Mar/Apr; only had a tiny sore spot at injection site, lasted about 8 hrs., and then... NOTHING. I'm almost 80 yrs. old, and didn't even have a temperature!

I'm not sure I believe all the stuff I've been hearing about the vaccinations killing people, or giving them other diseases, but this is America (for a minute!) and each person is free to choose... git it, or don't! But, why take a chance?

Covid IS killing people!

    • Re: bad news; good decisionB.J., Tue Sep 07 21:00
      One option suggested by CDC guidelines: if everybody whom attends an indoor event are fully mRNA vaccinated (post op two weeks) there is no significant health risk. Having everybody show vaccine evide... more
      • Covid — Sharon Cunningham, Wed Sep 08 7:31
        • Re: CovidB.J., Thu Sep 09 9:02
          Yeah it’s really getting bad. One of my friends whom is an ICU RN said the frustration with the anti vaccine trolls is really causing major problems. “They have the right to refuse the vaccine but... more
          • covidTom Moy, Sun Sep 12 16:30
            Hi Everyone, I want so much to attend TTR. Gathering to eat at the OK Cafe is a concern. I have avoided bunched up in restaurants and anywhere else. I trust everyone to be vaccinated but other folk... more
            • Re: covidBJ., Tue Sep 14 8:59
              Hey Tom, if you are fully vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines you should be okay unless you have an underlying medical condition? Another variable to consider is in Arizona the Republi... more
    • Moving forwardRoy B Young, Mon Aug 09 8:10
      Thanks, Paul. TTR should be great, as always. WWHA is moving forward with plans for Rapid City/Deadwood. Some fine programs are being arranged, plus a bus trip to Deadwood to tour the town, see the... more
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