Daniel Buck
Re: Re: OH, MY GOSH!
Sat Aug 07, 3:17

excellent point. Even mild upticks in icu visits can overwhelm and discombobulate health care facilities, which have limited surge capacity, affecting patent care across the board. The pandemic itself might not be highly lethal, but its consequences in the health care world can be severe. Dan

    • Re: OH, MY GOSH!B.J,, Sat Aug 07 2:18
      Sharon, I have to say I am really pissed off at the many anti vaccine trolls creating and distributing fake news and information about the mRNA vaccines. I work in a medical center and can say that ou... more
      • Re: Re: OH, MY GOSH! — Daniel Buck, Sat Aug 07 3:17
        • Vaccinationssharon Cunningham, Sat Aug 07 5:30
          Had mine in Mar & Apr last year... little bitty sore spot at injection site that was gone the next day, both times! I've got Friends who absolutely refuse to take the shots, but have underlying condi... more
          • The decision to remain unvaccinated.....B.J., Sun Aug 08 15:46
            ... is a self correcting mechanism for ignorance.
            • UnvaccinatedTom Moy, Tue Sep 14 19:22
              Choosing to not vaccinate is another word for suicide. Over a thousand die every day. It would take 22 plus years for all the unvaccinated to die for the U.S. to reach herd immunity. In 2020 a young p... more
              • Re: UnvaccinatedB.J., Wed Sep 15 22:38
                Choosing to not vaccinate is also another word for homicide. Really disgusting that parents refusing to wear a mask in public and refusing to be vaccinated go out in public and then come home and ... more
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