Vince Garcia
I'm the colleague.
Fri Aug 06, 2021 17:04

I'm the colleague. And to update today’s activities, I thought $200 (+ $123 shipping, though I asked for a rebate as I’m sure it will be cheaper) was a decent price for a cowboy era painting from a known artist (which Dan initially believed he discovered).

Today, however, I did some digging and found that a Wm. Hildreth was one of the possemen who was involved in the 1896 Skeleton Canyon shootout, which caused me to rethink that the painting might have been done by the William Hildreth in that event, certainly a rancher but not known as a painter so far as I am aware.

Dan came back and did some digging and found this man was named William A Hildreth, same name as the artist, and strengthens my belief that may be the actual artist, though I have yet to find his date of birth to confirm he or perhaps a son or father could have done any painting in 1877.

I’m less concerned with who the subject is than the artist. If the posseman is the artist, that makes it desirable to me as there is a tie-in to the Western lawmen and outlaws of the time.

So more research needs to be done. My original thought and reason I bought it was that it would look good in my sister’s salon, which is in an Old West building locally, but if it has any ties to a man who was involved in the shootout, I really like that.

Here’s a record of Hildreth’s experience from Jeff Milton:

Bill Hildreth got in behind a tree and they were shooting and the bullets would knock the bark off on one side and then the other. And old Bob told me himself, 'Milton, did I run. I had one of these old long barrel rifles and I used it for a jumping stick,' when they got to shooting at him. Old Bill was the only one left then and was smoking them. Do you know, I can't understand how a man can shoot at a fellow six or seven times and don't kill him. I don't understand. When old Bill got a chance to run, they were shooting both sides of the tree—he got out. He remembered this fellow and went back and got him.

So that’s what I know to this point. Unsure of the artist, unsure of the subject, but possibly painted by a guy from a historical event. Or maybe a New England seascape painter.

I hope to find out. Still think it will look good in the salon.

  • soldDaniel Buck, Fri Aug 06 2021 7:03
    Mel, a colleague bought it at $200 (plus $210 shipping), more on a whim than anything, he said, even if it's not Earp. Which it isn't. Dan
    • I'm the colleague. — Vince Garcia, Fri Aug 06 2021 17:04
      • 1877 PAINTINGGary Gragnani, Sun May 29 2022 8:53
        Initial research on painting - Wyatt was in Dodge City and Deadwood in 1877 - His family had moved back to Illinois - These are likely spots to look for W.A.Hildreth - not Arizona as he did not go to Tombstone... more
      • 1877 PAINTINGGary Gragnani, Sat May 28 2022 15:31
        I am now the owner of this painting - Intetesting enough to do more research --
        • Re: 1877 PAINTINGVince Garcia, Sat May 28 2022 16:01
          Good luck. Hated letting it go but I may be losing my digs and I'm even selling my record collection to make it easier to move. Most anything not nailed down is getting sold or trashed rt now
      • William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Robert Buckley, Fri Aug 06 2021 18:34
        Vince , here is a biography of the “William Hildreth” that was with Jeff Milton.
        • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Daniel Buck, Fri Aug 06 2021 19:06
          Robert, Gracias mil. This is why Vince came to the right place. If anyone would know who the lawman Bill Hildreth was, his back story, you guys would. Most writers described this Hildreth as Bill... more
        • Re: William Wade Hildreth 1872-1939Vince Garcia, Fri Aug 06 2021 18:40
          Ah, thank you. That would make him too young for this painting, which moves it back to Dan's first thought if there is not another adult Wm. A Hildreth floating around AZ in 1877