Mike Mayberry
Re: Another great interview Mike,.....but
Wed Jul 28, 15:57

The reason we didn’t speak about anything specific (books, etc…) is there is a whole new generation of people who have no idea who Bob is. The goal was to get as much info about him personally and to learn about how he came to be BBB. I only have about 55 minutes and it goes really fast. I do have some upcoming podcasts with Terry Brand as we continue to discuss Texas Jack Vermillion. We are also going to do, Terry’s book about Johnny Tyler.

    • Another great interview Mike,.....butRobert Buckley, Wed Jul 28 9:52
      I noticed you didn’t ask Bob about his new book on Billy the Kid , more specifically, the controversial version as how Billy was killed . Unlike Bob’s other two books on Billy the Kid , in this one he... more
      • The Garrett version of shooting El ChivatoDan Brown, Wed Aug 04 14:44
        was certainly a lie. As Billy was holding a knife, not a pistol. Worse, Garrett was known for ambushing. Both O'Folliard and Bowdre were ambushed. Tactically speaking, a good bushwhacking is known to... more
      • Re: Another great interview Mike,.....but — Mike Mayberry, Wed Jul 28 15:57
        • Thanks MikeRobert Buckley, Wed Jul 28 18:47
          In your last post , I think you meant to say Peter Brand , not Terry . Anyway, thanks for all you do with the podcast, I enjoy them .
          • Terry BrandPeter Brand, Thu Jul 29 0:50
            Hi Robert Yes, Mike meant me. Terry Brand was my dad and, sadly he passed away in 2017. He was a wonderful artist and my best mate. I miss his presence every day and his artwork and his advice. He ... more
            • Peter BrandMike Mayberry, Thu Jul 29 7:21
              Sorry Peter!! I am re-reading Peter Brand’s books and relistening to our podcasts. I know I’m biased but I really like my convo’s with Peter. I miss when we don’t chat on the phone. Cheers.
            • Sydney & Botany BayB.J., Thu Jul 29 3:07
              Hey Peter, I heard they called in the troops to ride herd on Sydney residents? Looks like another TTR held captive in Botany Bay?
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