The "great man" was a strategist who "married well"
Tue Jul 27, 2021 2:01

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British historian David Dutton wrote ...

“Chamberlain made mistakes in the 1930s ... he clung too long to the hope of averting war, but it is doubtful if anyone else would have done much better, Churchill included. Extrapolating from the Spanish Civil War, it was estimated that the first few weeks of a German air assault would bring half a million casualties: Britain was defenceless in the face of the bomber."

In March 1938 the British military chiefs of staff produced a report that concluded that Britain could not possibly stop Germany from taking Czechoslovakia. In general, British generals believed the military and the nation were not ready for war. On Sept. 20, 1938, then-Col.Hastings Ismay, secretary to the Committee of Imperial Defense, sent a note to Thomas Inskip, the minister for the coordination of defense, and Sir Horace Wilson, a civil servant. Time was on Britain’s side, Ismay argued, writing that delaying the outbreak of war would give the Royal Air Force time to acquire airplanes that could counter the Luftwaffe, which he considered the only chance for defeating Hitler. British strategists, including Ismay, believed their country could win a long war (so long as they had time to prepare for it). This was a common belief, and doubtless factored into Chamberlain's calculations.

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  • Ovid and his disappointments...Joyce Aros, Mon Jul 26 2021 5:38
    ...perhaps the brilliant man didn't understand the word 'compromise.' It can be very effective.
    • The "great man" was a strategist who "married well" — gobs, Tue Jul 27 2021 2:01
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        ...and today we have the Anglo/American world power with a base of mud and metal. Not much to look forward to. Joyce