“Love is a kind of warfare” Ovid (nm)
Sun Jul 25, 2021 18:49

  • Angel/t hank you...Joyce Aros, Sun Jul 25 2021 17:49
    ...I think your supposition sounds pretty reasonable and there has been talk she didn't like the Earps. But I am thinking she had to have a lot of confidence Doc wouldn't retaliate in some way...and... more
    • “Love is a kind of warfare” Ovid (nm) — B.J., Sun Jul 25 2021 18:49
      • Ovid and his disappointments...Joyce Aros, Mon Jul 26 2021 5:38
        ...perhaps the brilliant man didn't understand the word 'compromise.' It can be very effective.
        • Joyce ... hope you're doing well ... British historian David Dutton wrote ... “Chamberlain made mistakes in the 1930s ... he clung too long to the hope of averting war, but it is doubtful if anyone... more
          • fascinating depth...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 27 2021 5:09
            ...and today we have the Anglo/American world power with a base of mud and metal. Not much to look forward to. Joyce