Joyce Aros
Jones/Ike & Light...
Wed Jul 21, 6:00

I don't wish to give the wrong impression here as there is nothing I can see that is wrong with Light's association with Ike, who was not the character he has been purported to my estimation.

However, apparently Mr. Light went to Tucson with Ike and also Billy Allen to attend the Hearing for Stilwell and Spence regarding the Bisbee stage attempt. I believe that was on October 18, 1881, just 9 days before the gunfight. The Bisbee thing was dropped.

I think there are a couple of things worth noting. Light's testimony is quite neutral sounding as presented and I agree with you. He describes himself just getting home and a few moments later the shots rang out and he ran to the window. I think many do not recognize that Fremont street was a very busy business street and had a lot of people on it most days. That is probably why Light never even noticed Ike or his friends across the street and so made no reference to an earlier recognition. I would think he was shocked to find out what had actually gone on.

Also, he was a very successful businessman with a number of interests. Not the type to hang out with trash. He only went forward in his endeavors. He ran metalworks and had extensive mining interests. If he supported those guys at the Hearing I would think he had pretty good reason for thinking they were not guilty. Otherwise, why get involved?

That is the way I evaluate the situation.

    • Re: you are correctJones, Wed Jul 21 3:40
      I didn't know Ike and Light were such good buddies. His testimony is my favorite of the bunch and seems to be about as neutral as testimony can be. Jones
      • Jones/Ike & Light... — Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 21 6:00
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