Bob Cash
Re: why do you think...
Mon Jul 19, 15:15

Don't worry, Joyce. I don't have time to answer today, but I'm trying to clear my schedule for tomorrow.

  • why do you think...Joyce Aros, Mon Jul 19 4:46
    ...Fellehy was the only witness from the Inquest jury to not be included in the Hearing witness line-up? Was it because he was the only other witness to hear Virgil talk in a manner that suggested ... more
    • Re: why do you think...Jones, Tue Jul 20 14:40
      If my notes are correct... Light, Coleman, and Cuddy also testified at the coroner's Inquest to not be included in the Hearing witness line-up either. Jones
      • you are correct...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 20 16:34
        ...just wanted to get everyone going again. Thank you! Also interesting is Light's close association with Ike. Went with him to Tucson for the Spence hearing over the Bisbee stage thing, I think. ... more
        • Re: you are correctJones, Wed Jul 21 3:40
          I didn't know Ike and Light were such good buddies. His testimony is my favorite of the bunch and seems to be about as neutral as testimony can be. Jones
          • Jones/Ike & Light...Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 21 6:00
            I don't wish to give the wrong impression here as there is nothing I can see that is wrong with Light's association with Ike, who was not the character he has been purported to my estimation. ... more
    • Re: why do you think... — Bob Cash, Mon Jul 19 15:15
      • oh!Joyce Aros, Mon Jul 19 16:45
        I kind of thought you'd be on it. That's ok. I will try and out-think you with another one in the meantime. Regards, Joyce
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