Daniel Buck
Re: Re: William Albert Hildreth
Sun Jul 18, 9:06

Turned out the search fail was my error, not Ancestry's: I searched for exact first and last name "William A. Hildreth," which failed to match the family tree for "William Albert Hildreth."

Live and learn.

    • Re: William Albert HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 5:54
      Robert, many thanks. Ancestry's software works in mysterious ways: my search for William A. Hildreth, born in Maine ca. 1854 had turned up nothing. The tree is quite helpful, and indicates that ... more
      • Re: Re: William Albert Hildreth — Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 9:06
        • Relisted - Only $500Mel Graf, Sat Jul 24 18:37
          The note looks absolutely clownish. As an aside, I see “The Lost Story” portrait of “Earp” hasn’t gained the once promised traction. It appears that one of the authors has passed.
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