Daniel Buck
Re: Re: Re: Samuel Clay Hildreth
Sun Jul 18, 3:25

Best I can determine, the painter & stage actor William A. Hildreth was born ca. 1854 in Eastport or Gardiner, Maine, and died 5 September 1914 in Santa Monica, California. He married Jennie B. McFerson, 24 June 1886, in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He appears on census lists in Maine until 1910, when he is in Santa Monica, California. He is on an 1896 California voter list but enumerated on the 1900 census in Maine. Perhaps by the 1890s, he had two residences. His parents were Nahum & Cordelia Hildreth. Data mostly from Ancestry.

Ancestry has other William Hildreths, in fact, other William A. Hildreths, but the one born ca. 1854 in Maine and married 1886 to Jennie B. McFerson is our boy.


    • Re: Re: Samuel Clay HildrethRobert Buckley, Sat Jul 17 18:36
      Dan, Sam Hildreth had a family member named William Hildreth, 1844-1925. By 1870, William was living in Illinois. I'm not sure if he painted . https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/9055... more
      • Re: Re: Re: Samuel Clay Hildreth — Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 3:25
        • William Albert HildrethRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 18 5:13
          Dan,I think the reason you didn't find a family tree on Ancestry for W.A. Hildreth is because the person who posted the tree listed his birth year at 1855. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/pe... more
          • Re: William Albert HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 5:54
            Robert, many thanks. Ancestry's software works in mysterious ways: my search for William A. Hildreth, born in Maine ca. 1854 had turned up nothing. The tree is quite helpful, and indicates that ... more
            • Re: Re: William Albert HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 9:06
              Turned out the search fail was my error, not Ancestry's: I searched for exact first and last name "William A. Hildreth," which failed to match the family tree for "William Albert Hildreth." Live a... more
              • Relisted - Only $500Mel Graf, Sat Jul 24 18:37
                The note looks absolutely clownish. As an aside, I see “The Lost Story” portrait of “Earp” hasn’t gained the once promised traction. It appears that one of the authors has passed.
                • Earp phto -- $375,000, free shipping!!Daniel Buck, Wed Jul 28 0:51
                  Speaking of the Earps, JRESIN has up on eBay for a bargain $375,000 -- free shipping!! -- a tintype of the Earp brothers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/255068245867?hash=item3b63408f6b:g:w5wAAOSwdMRghJ... more
                • Re: Relisted - Only $500Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 25 3:20
                  When the price drops to $50, for a 19th century oil of an anonymous man by the seriously obscure Maine portraitist W.A. Hildreth, it might be a fair price.
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