Robert Buckley
Samuel Clay Hildreth
Sat Jul 17, 15:30

Daniel, I know nothing about the painting or W.A. Hildreth. Do you know if he was any relation to Samuel Clay Hildreth. Sam was born in Independence,Mo . His father owned a stable of race horses and Sam would become known for race horses. For a time , Sam had Frank James working for him . After Sam died, his widow Mary remembered when Wyatt gave her a gold nugget, said he got the nugget in the Klondike.

Dan, this is the only person with the surname” Hildreth “ that possibly had a connection to Wyatt that I can come up with.

  • Wyatt Earp oil portrait, 1877, or so they sayDaniel Buck, Sat Jul 17 13:08
    Up on eBay as we speak, at $1,500, an 1877 oil portrait said to be, per a helpful note on the canvas reverse, "Wyatt Earp from life," said note written it what is possibly a modern attempt at 19th cen... more
    • Samuel Clay Hildreth — Robert Buckley, Sat Jul 17 15:30
      • Re: Samuel Clay HildrethDaniel Buck, Sat Jul 17 17:59
        Robert, interesting. I had never heard of the surname Hildreth before, but once I began truffling on Ancestry,, I found it more often than I would have imagined. Unfortunately, there... more
        • Re: Re: Samuel Clay HildrethRobert Buckley, Sat Jul 17 18:36
          Dan, Sam Hildreth had a family member named William Hildreth, 1844-1925. By 1870, William was living in Illinois. I'm not sure if he painted . more
          • Re: Re: Re: Samuel Clay HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 3:25
            Robert, Best I can determine, the painter & stage actor William A. Hildreth was born ca. 1854 in Eastport or Gardiner, Maine, and died 5 September 1914 in Santa Monica, California. He married Jennie... more
            • William Albert HildrethRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 18 5:13
              Dan,I think the reason you didn't find a family tree on Ancestry for W.A. Hildreth is because the person who posted the tree listed his birth year at 1855. more
              • Re: William Albert HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 5:54
                Robert, many thanks. Ancestry's software works in mysterious ways: my search for William A. Hildreth, born in Maine ca. 1854 had turned up nothing. The tree is quite helpful, and indicates that ... more
                • Re: Re: William Albert HildrethDaniel Buck, Sun Jul 18 9:06
                  Turned out the search fail was my error, not Ancestry's: I searched for exact first and last name "William A. Hildreth," which failed to match the family tree for "William Albert Hildreth." Live a... more
                  • Relisted - Only $500Mel Graf, Sat Jul 24 18:37
                    The note looks absolutely clownish. As an aside, I see “The Lost Story” portrait of “Earp” hasn’t gained the once promised traction. It appears that one of the authors has passed.
                    • Earp phto -- $375,000, free shipping!!Daniel Buck, Wed Jul 28 0:51
                      Speaking of the Earps, JRESIN has up on eBay for a bargain $375,000 -- free shipping!! -- a tintype of the Earp brothers. more
                    • Re: Relisted - Only $500Daniel Buck, Sun Jul 25 3:20
                      When the price drops to $50, for a 19th century oil of an anonymous man by the seriously obscure Maine portraitist W.A. Hildreth, it might be a fair price.
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