Lieutenant Colonel Custer .....
Thu Jul 15, 2021 16:41

My very first history project per Custer in 1973 was not directly focused on the LBH. My project was researching why 11 years post op Civil War why Custer only had a permanent rank of Lieutenant Colonel? (No more a Brevet promotions)

Even in a post war scaled down Army this promotion deficit speaks volumes about his conduct including his behavior at Washita, his AWOL and court martial., his Presidential suspension and considered a loose cannon by other ranking officers.

Public accolades during the Civil War kept Custer in the hero status. Constantly replacing horse soldiers was no where as easy as replacing infantry solders. Horse solders criteria required a skill set far above a infantry skill set.

I spent many months in the early 70’s communicating via snell mail and sometimes expensive long distance phone calls with military historians including one at West Point.

Research pre-Internet could be a long and laborious process including long waits on Inter library book and manuscripts loans and transfers.

In summary in military terms Custer was not a good solder. His AWOL and Presidential suspension was evidence of that. If Custer was a higher ranking enlisted man he would have been severely punished for his AWOL.
It is obvious that modern scholars whom never served really do not understand the significance which the military views AWOL.

Some modern historians minimize Custer’s misconduct and continue to promote him as a great soldier.

One of the first learning opportunities I experienced as I entered my history masters program is the difficulty removing these politically correct filters and making assessments using strictly military based criteria and evidence.

Just saying

  • Fame and GloryDan Brown, Sat Jul 10 2021 14:09
    Considering the hundreds of books on Custer and the Little Big Horn, the movies, the revisionist histories, and the millions of opinions, the irony is that he really had little effect, if any, on history.... more
    • Lieutenant Colonel Custer ..... — B.J., Thu Jul 15 2021 16:41
      • History is not staticDan Brown, Fri Jul 16 2021 8:21
        History is not governed by a specific course, it does not obey academic rules. It is an entity unto itself, independent from consensus, or fashion. The only historical moments people agree upon are perhaps... more
        • Re: History is not staticB.J., Fri Jul 16 2021 14:36
          Evidence based research is the mechanism which defines history. It is not defined by one's opinion nor is it defined by philosophy. Yes Custer was correctly defined by Styles with the good and the bad,... more
        • Let's Face ItGary Roberts, Fri Jul 16 2021 12:10
          One of my favorite analyses of Custer is the last chapter of Robert M. Utley's CAVALIER IN BUCKSKIN (1988). Utley, who has devoted more time to the plains Indian wars of the than probably any other historian,... more
          • Re: Let's Face ItB.J., Fri Jul 16 2021 15:18
            All of the above appears to give a balanced view of Custer. However Custer's AWOL misconduct and later presidential suspension are the only variables which really matters. This was the summation of... more