Lee Silva article on Ringo’s Colt
Thu Jul 15, 2021 9:21

  • The Collection of Jim and Theresa Earle at BonhamsDL Staley, Thu Jul 15 2021 8:10
    BAT MASTERSON'S https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/27262/lot/14/?category=list&length=12&page=2 John Ringo's https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/27262/lot/12/?category=list&length=12&page=1
    • Lee Silva article on Ringo’s Colt — Robert Buckley, Thu Jul 15 2021 9:21
      • Gun location following suicideDan Brown, Thu Jul 15 2021 12:22
        According to one study, involving near to 600 hundred suicides, the gun remained in the hand about 25% of the time. The chances of the gun remaining in the hand increased if the individual was sitting.... more
        • Re: Gun location following suicideBen Harleman, Thu Jul 15 2021 18:56
          Good article, however, it leaves open the specific issue that Lee addressed, being that a 7½" barrel .45 would be unlikely to fall in his lap. If someone was using, say, a shorter barreled Glock or similar,... more
          • Unless Silva is wrongDan Brown, Thu Jul 15 2021 19:27
            I suspect there might be a little room for doubt concerning Silva's theory. Ringo's death has been debated since his death. That probably won't stop for a while.