Peter Love
Thanks Bob
Wed Jul 14, 2021 21:32

I didn’t see this one. Yep, that’s what I was thinking.


  • Re: Dance houses, ect...Bob Cash, Wed Jul 14 2021 17:17
    I don't think we have enough hard evidence to say Behan did ply Kate with liquor to get her to tell what she knew of Doc's actions on the day of the attempted robberies and murder, but I wouldn't see anything... more
    • Evidence under the influence?...Joyce Aros, Thu Jul 15 2021 5:34
      ...the question comes up as to whether Kate's information could be absorbed into the legal system if it was from an 'under the influence' condition. I realize rules were shaky in the developing frontier... more
    • Thanks Bob — Peter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:32