Dan Brown
Re: Historical Record
Wed Jul 14, 2021 16:47

Women suffer the same weaknesses as men. Addictions remain common. And from what I've gleaned from daily news, false allegations and subsequent retractions are not unheard of.

Joyce questions wisely Virgil's handling of Kate; perhaps this wasn't an isolated incident? Legend tells of a stormy relationship between the couple, Kate and Doc. They were likely a handful.

Behan is also a mixed bag. My impression is that he walked a fine line between the dangerous elements in Tombstone. I am not certain if he would deliberately get Kate drunk, but might he take advantage of her state? I would not put that pass him.

Is it true that Kate had a relationship with Ringo? If so, would that have influenced her actions?

  • Historical RecordMike Mihaljevich, Tue Jul 13 2021 22:06
    Having read the Recorder’s Court Docket from cover to cover, I assure you women being drunk, being arrested for being drunk, being fined or imprisoned for being drunk (depending on their ability/willingness... more
    • Re: Historical Record — Dan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 16:47
    • Mike/the record...Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 14 2021 6:16
      ...I have no trouble recognizing, as you brought out, that the women of the day living under incredible and economic hardship found prostitution and other minor work slavery enough to drive them to serious... more