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Re: To Two Petes
Wed Jul 14, 2021 15:56

Thanks Bob

So it came from Lake and we don’t know who he may have got that story from. In any case, is not an officer permitted to take a statement from, or testify in regard to conversation with a person who is intoxicated? I would think a charge of murder would have to be acted on.

In view of the timeline, I am not convinced why Behan would have any particular enmity towards Doc. And would be prepared to stick his neck out so far if he had nothing but drunken talk. Milt Joyce of course certainly had a reason.

I’m green on all this now, but I remember thinking there was something unusual about the way the State and federal charges panned out. Also that Stilwell took the original charge forward, and then represented Kate in the charge against her. It looked like the Earps had used their persuasive powers.

Pete L

  • To Two PetesBob Cash, Wed Jul 14 2021 12:06
    Lake does say that "Doc's enemies" induced Kate to the affidavit, but further down the page there's this: "At the hearing, Kate disappointed Johnny Behan woefully. She had signed some paper, she said while... more
    • Kate's allegiance...Joyce Aros, Sat Jul 24 2021 11:00
      ...One has to wonder what happened between Doc and Kate at the time to cause her to go drinking with 'Doc's enemies' such as Johnny Behan. Isn't it unlikely she was on such friendly terms with Behan that... more
      • Re: Kate's allegiance...Angel, Sun Jul 25 2021 17:23
        Joyce, just my idea here… I don’t have provenance to prove it…. BUT I have a feeling that Kate thought this action might have been her chance to separate Doc and Wyatt. I really do believe she had... more
        • Angel/t hank you...Joyce Aros, Sun Jul 25 2021 17:49
          ...I think your supposition sounds pretty reasonable and there has been talk she didn't like the Earps. But I am thinking she had to have a lot of confidence Doc wouldn't retaliate in some way...and... more
    • Re: To Two Petes — Peter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 15:56
      • I meant SpicerPeter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:16
        Surprisingly nobody picked me up on that