Dan Brown
The Michigan Brigade
Wed Jul 14, 2021 14:07

I was referring to the Wolverines. They knew the boy general who, despite his grades and demerits, had sound tactical judgement and who personally led him into battle.

Custer was guilty of the aforementioned crimes and he was courtmartied and suspended of service and pay for a year. Had it not been for Sheridan and Sherman he would have been cashiered. But they knew him as the savior of Gettysburg.

The post Civil War frontier army was a different creature. Low pay. Poor training. Poor weapons. Small budget. The army was shrinking. Frontier life was harsh. And desertion was very high. Morale matched conditions. (During the 7th's LBH campaign the trolps weren't paid until they were 3 days out, to prevent desertion.)

But how did the 7th feel about Custer? Mixed, probably.

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