Joyce Aros
Mike/the record...
Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:16

...I have no trouble recognizing, as you brought out, that the women of the day living under incredible and economic hardship found prostitution and other minor work slavery enough to drive them to serious drinking. It had to be a given.

My leaning was more specific; was there any known record of Kate's troublesome record of public drinking? We are under the understanding that she was living with Doc Holliday and therefore had a source of sustenance. He fed her and sheltered her so she was not likely out trying to make a buck in another way, at least not while she was with him.

The story that floats is that she was publicly and noisily behaving in a way that caused Virgil to arrest her. Yet, though she was the pal of his close associate Doc, there is no hint that Doc came to her rescue or berated Virgil in any way. Apparently Virgil put her on a conveyance that removed her from their concerns.

If she actually exposed Doc in the manner described, would Doc have taken her back a few months later? That seems unlikely. The story sounds made up. Yet it came from somewhere. And what was Doc doing during his inamorata's difficulty with the law? Did he put them up to it? I think the whole thing has been shrugged off too easily and it interests me.

As I said, I cannot see Behan operating in such an underhanded sleazy way. He didn't have wings but his record doesn't suggests this sort of managing. I was hoping something more concrete would surface by now.

But I thank you for the compilation of drunken activity of the ladies of the town. I didn't realize it was quite so bad.


  • Historical RecordMike Mihaljevich, Tue Jul 13 2021 22:06
    Having read the Recorder’s Court Docket from cover to cover, I assure you women being drunk, being arrested for being drunk, being fined or imprisoned for being drunk (depending on their ability/willingness... more
    • Re: Historical RecordDan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 16:47
      Women suffer the same weaknesses as men. Addictions remain common. And from what I've gleaned from daily news, false allegations and subsequent retractions are not unheard of. Joyce questions wisely... more
    • Mike/the record... — Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 14 2021 6:16