Joyce Aros
Dance houses, ect...
Tue Jul 13, 2021 18:26

...Peter, I recognize there were such 'dance palaces' for the purpose of prostitution and so on but I thought they were locations the menfolk would approach when they wished to. All the photos I have seen of the regular saloons (and I haven't seen them all) demonstrate men drinking and gambling, but no women in them.

I guess I was thinking that it didn't seem likely Behan would invite her into a regular saloon for a drink fest and I can't imagine him using the same ploy in a 'dance house.' Too public. Just didn't seem like his way of handling the situation.

As I mentioned, I think that is the only time a report of Kate's public drinking has surfaced that I know of. It seems odd too that she would, drunk or sober, snitch on Doc about something so serious, and then leave town as they claim...and then come back and connect up with Doc again? Was he that forgiving? I doubt it!


  • Dance houses in TombstonePeter Brand, Tue Jul 13 2021 17:47
    Women could drink and attract friends or customers at dance houses in Tombstone. One such low dance house on 6th street paid a nightly fee of $2.50 to the city in order to operate. There were, therefore,... more
    • Prostitutes and drinkingPeter Brand, Tue Jul 13 2021 20:35
      Most, if not all, prostitutes were heavy drinkers and/or drug users. I have lost count of the number of gamblers and their prostitute partners who came to blows while under the influence. Suicides were... more
    • Dance houses, ect... — Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 13 2021 18:26
      • Re: Dance houses, ect...Bob Cash, Wed Jul 14 2021 17:17
        I don't think we have enough hard evidence to say Behan did ply Kate with liquor to get her to tell what she knew of Doc's actions on the day of the attempted robberies and murder, but I wouldn't see anything... more
        • Evidence under the influence?...Joyce Aros, Thu Jul 15 2021 5:34
          ...the question comes up as to whether Kate's information could be absorbed into the legal system if it was from an 'under the influence' condition. I realize rules were shaky in the developing frontier... more
        • Thanks BobPeter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:32
          I didn’t see this one. Yep, that’s what I was thinking. Pete