"his troops liked him"
Tue Jul 13, 2021 13:16

When you say Custer's "troops liked him" I assume you're referring to the troops whom were not dead or otherwise knocked out of action?

and I assume you were not referring Custer's troops whom went AWOL to avoid Custer's reckless charges?

Custer had a tight little circle of relatives and close friends whom all "liked him". They were held to a different standard than those whom were not a part of his circle of relatives and friends.

If you want a true understanding of Custer's 7th Cavalry popularity I would suggest reading the book based upon the documented memories of Sergeant Charles Windolph, the last survivor of the LBH whom died in 1950 at age 98. You might be surprised also as to the popularity of Captain Benteen:

  • Well...Dan Brown, Mon Jul 12 2021 16:40
    When it comes to casualties, it's unlikely that Custer had the most. Both sides produced heavy casualties. In terms of leadership and sound judgement on the battlefield, there were worse generals than... more
    • "his troops liked him" — B.J., Tue Jul 13 2021 13:16
      • The Michigan BrigadeDan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 13:07
        I was referring to the Wolverines. They knew the boy general who, despite his grades and demerits, had sound tactical judgement and who personally led him into battle. Custer was guilty of the... more
        • The morale of the WolverinesDan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 17:14
          After the battles of the third day at Gettysburg the enlisted men of the Michigan Brigade took to wearing red scarves of of endearment for their commander and so that he would be so easily identified by... more