Peter Love
Tue Jul 13, 2021 1:30


But where does the report it was Behan who got her drunk or took advantage of her condition stem from?

  • Drunk and DisorderlyPeter Brand, Mon Jul 12 2021 18:26
    My thought is that she celebrated the 4th of July long and hard. She was certainly arrested for being on a drunk the day after, and this was confirmed by the Nugget that reported her fall from grace in... more
    • Sure.. — Peter Love, Tue Jul 13 2021 1:30
      • Peter LovePeter Brand, Tue Jul 13 2021 17:23
        Lake claimed it was "Doc's enemies". Frank Waters claimed it was Behan and Doc's enemies. So I would say Frank Waters. Cheers Pb
        • To Two PetesBob Cash, Wed Jul 14 2021 12:06
          Lake does say that "Doc's enemies" induced Kate to the affidavit, but further down the page there's this: "At the hearing, Kate disappointed Johnny Behan woefully. She had signed some paper, she said while... more
          • Kate's allegiance...Joyce Aros, Sat Jul 24 2021 11:00
            ...One has to wonder what happened between Doc and Kate at the time to cause her to go drinking with 'Doc's enemies' such as Johnny Behan. Isn't it unlikely she was on such friendly terms with Behan that... more
            • Re: Kate's allegiance...Angel, Sun Jul 25 2021 17:23
              Joyce, just my idea here… I don’t have provenance to prove it…. BUT I have a feeling that Kate thought this action might have been her chance to separate Doc and Wyatt. I really do believe she had... more
              • Angel/t hank you...Joyce Aros, Sun Jul 25 2021 17:49
                ...I think your supposition sounds pretty reasonable and there has been talk she didn't like the Earps. But I am thinking she had to have a lot of confidence Doc wouldn't retaliate in some way...and... more
          • Re: To Two PetesPeter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 15:56
            Thanks Bob So it came from Lake and we don’t know who he may have got that story from. In any case, is not an officer permitted to take a statement from, or testify in regard to conversation with a... more
            • I meant SpicerPeter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:16
              Surprisingly nobody picked me up on that
        • Dance houses in TombstonePeter Brand, Tue Jul 13 2021 17:47
          Women could drink and attract friends or customers at dance houses in Tombstone. One such low dance house on 6th street paid a nightly fee of $2.50 to the city in order to operate. There were, therefore,... more
          • Prostitutes and drinkingPeter Brand, Tue Jul 13 2021 20:35
            Most, if not all, prostitutes were heavy drinkers and/or drug users. I have lost count of the number of gamblers and their prostitute partners who came to blows while under the influence. Suicides were... more
          • Dance houses, ect...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 13 2021 18:26
            ...Peter, I recognize there were such 'dance palaces' for the purpose of prostitution and so on but I thought they were locations the menfolk would approach when they wished to. All the photos I have seen... more
            • Re: Dance houses, ect...Bob Cash, Wed Jul 14 2021 17:17
              I don't think we have enough hard evidence to say Behan did ply Kate with liquor to get her to tell what she knew of Doc's actions on the day of the attempted robberies and murder, but I wouldn't see anything... more
              • Evidence under the influence?...Joyce Aros, Thu Jul 15 2021 5:34
                ...the question comes up as to whether Kate's information could be absorbed into the legal system if it was from an 'under the influence' condition. I realize rules were shaky in the developing frontier... more
              • Thanks BobPeter Love, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:32
                I didn’t see this one. Yep, that’s what I was thinking. Pete
      • some concerns...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 13 2021 5:58
        ...getting her drunk for information doesn't really sound much like Behan's 'modus operandi.' He was definitely a womanizer but this just doesn't ring right, not his style. Also, there doesn't seem... more
        • Historical RecordMike Mihaljevich, Tue Jul 13 2021 22:06
          Having read the Recorder’s Court Docket from cover to cover, I assure you women being drunk, being arrested for being drunk, being fined or imprisoned for being drunk (depending on their ability/willingness... more
          • Re: Historical RecordDan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 16:47
            Women suffer the same weaknesses as men. Addictions remain common. And from what I've gleaned from daily news, false allegations and subsequent retractions are not unheard of. Joyce questions wisely... more
          • Mike/the record...Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 14 2021 6:16
            ...I have no trouble recognizing, as you brought out, that the women of the day living under incredible and economic hardship found prostitution and other minor work slavery enough to drive them to serious... more
        • Pete and Joyce...Bob Cash, Tue Jul 13 2021 7:57
          I think the only absolute conclusion one can draw based on the contemporary record is that Kate got drunk and swore out the affidavit accusing Doc of participation in the attempted robbery and murder.... more
          • Hi BobPeter Love, Tue Jul 13 2021 16:13
            I still have a look here from time to time. Like you I am waiting for the Curly Bill books. I see Joyce is doing one. I’ll get that. Pete
            • Re: Hi BobBob Cash, Sat Jul 17 2021 15:58
              Have you had a chance to look at the Wyatt Earp Anthology or Bossenecker's RIDE THE DEVIL'S HERD?
          • Nice post...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 13 2021 8:16
            Hello Bob, Thought no one was giving you a bad time so had better get back to work! All kidding aside, that was a very nice post to each of us, Pete and I, and is appreciated. My new book is about... more
            • your book, Joycepaul j, Tue Jul 13 2021 9:34
              Is your book likely to be in print by October's TTR? - paul
              • Hi Paul...Joyce Aros, Tue Jul 13 2021 11:41
                I am not sure. I hope so. I will know something more definite in a day or so and will let you know. Thank you for your interest.
                • I enjoyed your first book! (nm)Dan Brown, Wed Jul 14 2021 17:51
                  • Dan, Paul, and others...Joyce Aros, Wed Jul 14 2021 21:06
                    My publishers are expecting to have my book out before Christmas but not sure about TTR time. It's a small company I work with and they have other things going on but I have great confidence in them as... more