Eddie Lanham
Greenhouse Station
Fri Jul 09, 2021 14:41

Thank you for your reply! As per what I have found, the station was located on the old White Oaks to Las Vegas (NM) wagon road, not the rail line. However it was near the future rail line and US Hwy 54.
Do you have a construction date on that line? It may have been constructed in the late 1880s or 90s.
Again, thanks!

  • Greathouse StationChuck Smith, Fri Jul 09 2021 11:15
    Eddie, I believe this refers to a station located on a railroad line. There is a railroad that parallels US highway 54 from Tularosa to Vaughn NM. The rail line was built by the Phelps Dodge Corp. to... more
    • Greenhouse Station — Eddie Lanham, Fri Jul 09 2021 14:41
      • Great house StationChuck Smith, Fri Jul 09 2021 20:18
        Phelps Dodge Constructed the rail line in 1903. It was called the El Paso and Northeastern which was part of the El Paso and Southwestern system. It connected El Paso to Tucumcari NM. In 1905 the Dawson... more