Robert Buckley
Jeff Ake
Thu Jul 08, 20:31

Jeff Ake, whose brother, William”Bill” Ake who fought alongside Ringo in the Mason County War, said it was long suspected that Hiram Yoast killed Ringo .

Jeff Ake had known the Yoast brothers back when they lived in Bastrop Texas . Jeff also worked with the Yoast brothers on the Bar Cross ranch in New Mexico.

Bob, after you read the book by Hogge, I would suggest reading the biography of Jeff Ake , “ They Die But Once: The Story Of A Tejano” by James B. O’Neil .

    • Thank you, Steve.Bob Cash, Tue Jul 06 8:47
      Your opinion is always appreciated and highly regarded. If Hogge presents no evidence of Yoast's participation in the Mason County War or even living in the area during Ringo's tenure there, even with... more
      • Jeff Ake — Robert Buckley, Thu Jul 08 20:31
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