Re: Custer, Benteen, Reno
Sun Jul 04, 23:02

Roy, I was not looking for information. Just interested in your overall perspective of Custer and his Indian wars.

Since 1980 I have accumulated a lot of information about Custer and the battle at Greasy Grass. Always interested in your posts.

    • Re: RenoB.J., Thu Jul 01 18:58
      Reno did not give conflicting orders “on his hill” Reno gave conflicting orders in the area of the Indian encampment.
      • Yes, in the timberDan Brown, Fri Jul 02 7:28
        Here ia a description: " Reno's Arikara scout, Bloody Knife, was shot in the head, splattering brains and blood onto Reno's face.[62] The shaken Reno ordered his men to dismount and mount again.[62]... more
    • Custer, Benteen, RenoRoy B Young, Thu Jul 01 10:57
      BJ, I wish I was more knowledgeable on this topic, but I've concentrated more on other battles in the Indian Wars. I suggest you contact Jeff Broome, Jerome Green, or Michael Khoury.
      • Re: Custer, Benteen, Reno — B.J., Sun Jul 04 23:02
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