Robert Buckley
A Wyatt Earp Anthology
Sat Jul 03, 5:14

Roy B. Young has more details on the Yoast brothers, John and Hiram, and their relationship with Eugene Manlove Rhodes in his article “ Wyatt Earp Talks Pretty”: A look at Wyatt Earp’s Interaction with Interviewers,Writers and Historians”(WWHA Journal,December 2011)

    • Eugene Manlove RhodesRobert Buckley, Fri Jul 02 8:28
      Eugene knew both John and Hiram Yoast. He wrote about Hiram in several of his writings. In the Bibliography of Eugene Manlove Rhodes, " A Bar Cross Liar ", it is mentioned that John Yoast, who fou... more
      • A Wyatt Earp Anthology — Robert Buckley, Sat Jul 03 5:14
        • Re: A Wyatt Earp AnthologyBob Cash, Sat Jul 03 13:06
          Robert, some time back, I was intrigued by the section of the article that Roy Young mentions John Yoast, but I was under the impression that Yoast supported the anti-Earp faction, and was more intere... more
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