Dan Brown
Thu Jul 01, 6:38

Reno gave conflicting orders on his hill. At one point he seemed willing to abandon the wounded. He was accused of being drunk. He ordered his soldiers to mount and then dismount. He was rattled. He had been splattered by a scout's brains. Frankly, Reno was at a lost as to what to do. Benteen showed up and took command.

Now, Benteen was as arrogant as Custer, but he was a fearless man. He saved Reno's hill.

    • WashitaB.J., Wed Jun 30 13:50
      Thx Roy. Some of the documentation indicates Benteen’s reason for not coming to Custer’s aid was he thought Custer was chasing the Indians and glory up the river and abandoning the rest of the regi... more
      • Reno — Dan Brown, Thu Jul 01 6:38
        • Re: RenoB.J., Thu Jul 01 18:58
          Reno did not give conflicting orders “on his hill” Reno gave conflicting orders in the area of the Indian encampment.
          • Yes, in the timberDan Brown, Fri Jul 02 7:28
            Here ia a description: " Reno's Arikara scout, Bloody Knife, was shot in the head, splattering brains and blood onto Reno's face.[62] The shaken Reno ordered his men to dismount and mount again.[62]... more
        • Custer, Benteen, RenoRoy B Young, Thu Jul 01 10:57
          BJ, I wish I was more knowledgeable on this topic, but I've concentrated more on other battles in the Indian Wars. I suggest you contact Jeff Broome, Jerome Green, or Michael Khoury.
          • Re: Custer, Benteen, RenoB.J., Sun Jul 04 23:02
            Roy, I was not looking for information. Just interested in your overall perspective of Custer and his Indian wars. Since 1980 I have accumulated a lot of information about Custer and the battle a... more
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