Bob Cash
Re: Scott Cooley and John Ringo
Wed Jun 30, 17:47

Robert, as a previous post of mine points out, there is some speculation, including by law enforcement personnel conversant in suicide scenes, that sometimes a gunshot that close to the head could cause loss of skin, even appearing as straight-line tears. However, although Virgil doesn't mention the apparent scalping, his statement in an interview that whoever killed Ringo tried to make it appear as if it was done by Apaches takes on more significance in light of Yoast's connection to the Mason County War.

    • Scott Cooley and John RingoRobert Buckley, Wed Jun 30 16:37
      The Daily Herald , March 18, 1876 “Quite an excitement was raised among our citizens last Sunday by the arrival in town of the notorious Mason County outlaws Scott Cooley and John Ringgold , who ... more
      • Re: Scott Cooley and John Ringo — Bob Cash, Wed Jun 30 17:47
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