Scott Cooley and John Ringo
Wed Jun 30, 2021 16:37

The Daily Herald , March 18, 1876

“Quite an excitement was raised among our citizens last Sunday by the arrival in town of the notorious Mason County outlaws Scott Cooley and John Ringgold , who was brought here under heavy guard .These are the same men who killed and scalped the Deputy Sheriff of Mason County a few months ago .”

Hogge makes the comparison of the Mason County Deputy Sheriff being killed and scalped , to that of Ringo, dead and missing part of his scalp as if it were cut out .

Bob, do you think John B. Yoast , being of German descent , took a piece of Ringo’s scalp ?

  • Re: John and Bert Yost (Yoast)Bob Cash, Tue Jun 29 2021 18:17
    Thanks, Robert. So now we have to rule out the John Yoast killed in 1927 in Salerno, Arizona as being the man who found Ringo. A lot of Yoasts and Yosts hanging around Arizona and New Mexico from the 1880s... more
    • Scott Cooley and John Ringo — Robert Buckley, Wed Jun 30 2021 16:37
      • Re: Scott Cooley and John RingoBob Cash, Wed Jun 30 2021 17:47
        Robert, as a previous post of mine points out, there is some speculation, including by law enforcement personnel conversant in suicide scenes, that sometimes a gunshot that close to the head could cause... more