Robert Buckley
John and Bert Yost (Yoast)
Tue Jun 29, 15:02

Bob, Hogge has your question covered in his book . John and Bert Yost were brothers that lived in the Sulphur Springs Valley . Their name was actually spelled “Yost”, in the newspapers their named would sometimes be spelled “Yoast” . This John Yost died in 1909 at 31 years of age . He would have been around four years old when Ringo died . His brother Bert was a well known rodeo rider . Bert headlined at “ Kinney’s Wild West Show” as the “Arizona Rough Rider”. You can find Bert as a rodeo rider in the newspapers in 1910-1911 .

    • Re: Re: John B. YoastBob Cash, Tue Jun 29 9:17
      On I have found two articles that make me question whether the John Yoast of Arizona and the John B. Yoast of New Mexico are the same person. Both are dated after 1900, with one reporti... more
      • John and Bert Yost (Yoast) — Robert Buckley, Tue Jun 29 15:02
        • Re: John and Bert Yost (Yoast)Bob Cash, Tue Jun 29 18:17
          Thanks, Robert. So now we have to rule out the John Yoast killed in 1927 in Salerno, Arizona as being the man who found Ringo. A lot of Yoasts and Yosts hanging around Arizona and New Mexico from the ... more
          • Scott Cooley and John RingoRobert Buckley, Wed Jun 30 16:37
            The Daily Herald , March 18, 1876 “Quite an excitement was raised among our citizens last Sunday by the arrival in town of the notorious Mason County outlaws Scott Cooley and John Ringgold , who ... more
            • Re: Scott Cooley and John RingoBob Cash, Wed Jun 30 17:47
              Robert, as a previous post of mine points out, there is some speculation, including by law enforcement personnel conversant in suicide scenes, that sometimes a gunshot that close to the head could cau... more
      • CLARIFICATION: Re: John B. YoastBob Cash, Tue Jun 29 9:19
        Both articles I referred to appear in Arizona papers.
        • Frank YoastRobert Buckley, Tue Jun 29 16:54
          Frank Yoast was the father of John B.Yoast and Hiram A. Yoast . more
    • Hiram A. YoastRobert Buckley, Mon Jun 28 20:01
      John B. Yoast did have a brother named Hiram. Here is his Find-A-Grave:
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