Roger S Peterson
selling Hickey's LOS DOS Earp book
Tue Jun 29, 9:46

What are the best old west bookstores who might be interested in this book. Not a mark in it that I can find. I am told it has some good resale value. Autographed by Hickey. I recall a WWHA couple who run a bookstore in Tucson but cannot remember their names.

Roger Peterson

    • BookstoresDan Brown, Thu Jul 01 6:09
      If you're looking to make a profit, then you should consider ebay or amazon. Bookstores as a rule do not pay well. But let us know how you do. I have the Hickey and Boyer books, signed, and ready to s... more
    • Re: selling Hickey's LOS DOS Earp bookBen Harleman, Tue Jun 29 11:05
      K&B Books in Tucson is probably who you're thinking of...Kevin and Beverly Mulkins. I've bought from them through Abe Books, and had the chance to meet Kevin in Tombstone, but never sold anything, tho... more
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