Roy B Young
Thank you.
Tue Jun 29, 9:08

Peter, I've been so wrapped up in formatting the Fort Smith Roundup program and editing the September WWHA Journal, I failed to check BJs for the last week, plus. Thank you for your kind comments. Being virtually a one-man staff, there is a great deal that goes into the preparation of each WWHA publication. While I would like to please everyone, all I can do is the "best" I can do.

    • WWHAPeter Brand, Wed Jun 16 16:40
      Hi Roy I would like to also say that the WWHA Journal plays an important part in the process of allowing new authors to get a start in the field. I know you work hard as the editor and that your job ... more
      • Thank you. — Roy B Young, Tue Jun 29 9:08
    • Excellent for sure (nm)Tom Gaumer, Wed Jun 16 9:08
      • Publishing.Eddie Lanham, Thu Jun 17 2:49
        Peter, That was wonderful. There comes a time when you have to stop dipping your toes in the cold water and dive in.
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