In A Cleft Stick
Thu Jun 24, 11:14

Dan ... you got me twice with the real footnotes ... assuming Kopit wrote the original line ... am I the only person that liked Doc? ... and I don't like Westerns [as a genre] ... there were some interesting films turning up on the BBC in the early seventies ... the other was my own mistake of confusing Alan with musician Adam Rudolph ... I'll put that down to Nashville, him being a soundtrack executive producer and Adam having at one time a band called Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures ... take care

    • Kopit's play was titled Indians — Dan Brown, Thu Jun 24 9:02
      Stacey Keach portrayed Buffalo Bill.
      • In A Cleft Stick — gobs, Thu Jun 24 11:14
        • Alan Rudolph — Dan Brown, Thu Jun 24 12:01
          Rudolf worked as an A.D. for Altman, which was for him a sort of all-purpose job. Rudolph also directed The Moderns, a film about the Left Bank in Paris during the 1920's. He's made some very good neo... more
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