Dan Brown
Arthur Kopit wrote the play
Thu Jun 24, 8:41

Buffalo Bill or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, which Altman made into a movie.

Alan Rudolph is a very interesting filmmaker. Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle, Choose Me, Trouble in Mind, to mention a few.

      • Arthur Kopit wrote the play — Dan Brown, Thu Jun 24 8:41
        • Kopit's play was titled IndiansDan Brown, Thu Jun 24 9:02
          Stacey Keach portrayed Buffalo Bill.
          • In A Cleft Stickgobs, Thu Jun 24 11:14
            Dan ... you got me twice with the real footnotes ... assuming Kopit wrote the original line ... am I the only person that liked Doc? ... and I don't like Westerns [as a genre] ... there were some inte... more
            • Alan RudolphDan Brown, Thu Jun 24 12:01
              Rudolf worked as an A.D. for Altman, which was for him a sort of all-purpose job. Rudolph also directed The Moderns, a film about the Left Bank in Paris during the 1920's. He's made some very good neo... more
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