Thu Jun 17, 12:09

That Asimov quote is perfect, and timely.

You are correct that no work is ever finished, merely abandoned at some point. That is the nature of "making," isn't it? I once stumbled onto the quote (I can no longer recall who said it): "Text is infinitely perfectible." Well, while true, you can imagine the cul de sac that such a notion might lead to, especially for those temperamentally disposed to perfectionism--or completism.

You are also correct that "happenstance" is a critical element of same. In this, although it is my habit to keep the two silo-ed as much as I can manage to do so, Art is much like Life, no?

Needless to say, dogmatism is death. As is orthodoxy. Both run precisely counter to the sort of open-minded, open-ended, intellectual curiosity that is to be prized by those of us who wish to do work of some possible merit.

Cheers, Bruce.

    • A--- Licking Continues Apacegobs, Thu Jun 17 6:12
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      • Thanks. — olds, Thu Jun 17 12:09
        • My Thanks, I Thinkgobs, Thu Jun 17 16:11
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