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Sun Jun 13, 12:05


I have offered several times to pay all the costs of copying his files and sending them to a historical society of his choosing or a state archive of his choosing or several of them. I added he could put a a hold on their being made public for X amount of years if he wished, thereby avoiding controversy and criticism or awed viewers while maintaining his great research for future researchers and historians.

He showed little or no interest.

Let's aall keep mourning the loss


    • The NaysayerSharon Cunningham, Sat Jun 12 5:57
      That person's research on both James C and Morg is WELL worthwhile for those of us who love the T'stone saga! And, yes, it's a cryin' shame that he will not publish all that valuable research... it wo... more
      • Re: The NaysayerB.J., Sat Jun 12 17:36
        Some years ago I was working on a project goal to have Morgan Earp's name added to the Arizona Fallen Law Enforcement Monument. Kenny was/is the self appointed Morgan Earp expert so I wanted to use hi... more
    • Re: Thank you, PeterBob Cash, Fri Jun 11 15:59
      I assume these posts in defense of the Wyatt Earp Anthology are in response to something Kenny wrote that got deleted by the guy who "paid for this microphone". The sad thing is that if Kenny had publ... more
      • A--- Licking Continues Apacegobs, Thu Jun 17 6:12
        Kenny ... Is the St. Johns interview available anywhere? She was interviewed on the BBC in the late sixties and mentioned Wyatt in passing ... everything was so black and white in those days ... ag... more
        • Thanks.olds, Thu Jun 17 12:09
          That Asimov quote is perfect, and timely. You are correct that no work is ever finished, merely abandoned at some point. That is the nature of "making," isn't it? I once stumbled onto the quote (I ... more
          • My Thanks, I Thinkgobs, Thu Jun 17 16:11
            Of course, we were doing it all wrong ... I've never read him, nor do I wish to, but on his gravestone ... Charles Bukowski 1920-1994 Don't Try “It’s like a bug high on the wall. Yo... more
      • Another input on this subject — Tom Gaumerr, Sun Jun 13 12:05
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