Roy B Young
Thank you
Fri Jun 11, 9:19

I appreciate the many positive comments on this story about Morgan's killer, via several sources. At the time the YouTube video was recorded I had just had four eye surgeries and could not wear glasses. So, I had to do it all from memory and, therefore, omitted some comments that would have been germane to the program. But, the full story is in the December 2020 WWHA Journal, copies of which are available for purchase.

  • "Who Killed Morgan Earp" — Robert Buckley, Mon May 31 4:11
    Great job Roy Young .
    • Thank you — Roy B Young, Fri Jun 11 9:19
    • Re: "Who Killed Morgan Earp" — Pam Potter, Tue Jun 01 14:56
      Check it out. It has had a lot of positive feedback. Anyone can access the WWHA youtube channel.
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