Tonya Erdman
Thank you Mike! We will be there :) (nm)
Fri Jun 11, 9:13

    • Buffalo JonesRoy B Young, Sat Jun 12 11:31
      Tonya, you might want to investigate pictures of C.J. "Buffalo" Jones. There was a reason why I didn't use that picture in my presentation at TTR last year.
    • The linkMike Mihaljevich, Fri Jun 11 9:09
      Tonya, here you go. Hope to see you at TTR this year. Best to you and your family. Mike
      • Re: The linkBob Cash, Fri Jun 11 16:03
        Thank you. Kenny and Mike for sharing this. Very interesting and important. Just looking at it, I am certain it is Newton, but what is the provenance, Mr. Vail?
        • Stranger Anomaliesgobs, Sat Jun 12 1:28
          Bob ... beats this one ...
      • Thank you Mike! We will be there :) (nm) — Tonya Erdman, Fri Jun 11 9:13
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