Lake District
Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:54

Sharon ... He seems to have spent his early years in the Lake District, but now lives in Edinburgh ... I think

Mind you, which part of the Lake District is another thing ... since 1974 it's become part of the county of Cumbria, but originally contained parts of the counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and North Lancashire. ... weirdly, part of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales National Park is also in Cumbria

Hope this helps ... I'm non the wiser ... boundary changes are a [politically motivated] pain

Cheers and take care

  • AccentsSharon Cunningham, Fri Jun 11 2021 1:02
    Thanks for the lesson in PA Dutch, etc. Re those accents in England, I've been reading a series of mysteries by Bruce Beckham, set in Cumbria's Lake District. He writes in the vernacular, but includes... more
    • Lake District — gobs, Fri Jun 11 2021 1:54