Tom Gaumer
Everything Keefe said has been put up
Thu Jun 10, 23:32


You just don't want to believe it.
Like Kenny you ignore the facts of Keefe's testimony because it clashes with your faith and speculations
No argument or facts or testimony from the record can over come faith, much less faith in speculations

I kind of admire your and KtK's ability to hold to your faith in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Go in peace
Keep Laughing

    • O Come, All Ye Faithful — gobs, Thu Jun 10 6:52
      "At any time he could have said the gun I saw in the little house and identified as a S&W is not here. Instead he said it was there and was proven wrong twice." Tom, Tom, here we go again ... destr... more
      • Everything Keefe said has been put up — Tom Gaumer, Thu Jun 10 23:32
        • "I just want to get the facts, ma'am" — gobs, Fri Jun 11 2:12
          Tom ... it's only you who doesn't want to believe the facts ... ask around ... the tireless [and tiring] reiteration of your readings of the evidence completely ignores the facts, speculates on his te... more
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